Application of aluminum powder in coating field

Aluminum powder is mainly used as a special pigment in the coating field, which can give the coating a metallic luster and unique optical effects. Aluminum powder is usually found in flake or granular form, and these shapes provide different visual effects and properties in coatings.

Roof coatings:

Aluminum powder is used in roof coatings to increase aesthetics and extend the life of the coating. This is because aluminum pigments have a strong ability to reflect ultraviolet and infrared rays, thereby reducing heat absorption and protecting the coating from environmental factors.

Roof coatings

Protective coatings:

In protective coatings, the flake structure of aluminum pigments acts as a shield to protect steel structures from corrosion. Aluminum pigments can be floating or non-leafing, depending on the desired protection and appearance.

Decorative coatings:

The application of aluminum powder pigments in decorative coatings mainly uses its optical effects such as angular color change to provide unique visual effects for the coating. This effect can be achieved by changing the shape of the aluminum powder pigment or strictly controlling the particle size distribution of the aluminum powder.

Decorative coatings

Powder coatings:

Aluminum powder is also widely used in powder coatings. Powder coating contains no solvents and is an environmentally friendly coating option. The addition of aluminum powder can improve the decorative and protective properties of the coating.

Powder coatings

Plastic products:

Aluminum powder pigments are also used in the coating of plastic products to give them a bright metallic effect. Nanoflake aluminum powder is particularly suitable for plastic processed products, giving them a metal-like luster and appearance.

Plastic products

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