• Aluminium pastes for aerated concrete

    Aluminium pastes for aerated concrete

    The main use of aerated aluminum powder for aerated concrete is to release gas from the chemical reaction between aluminum powder and silica and quicklime during the production process, so that the inside of the produced concrete block forms a porous structure. In the process of batching in the production process of aerated concrete blocks, the aerated is added to the aluminum slurry mixing tank, and after full stirring, it is put into the aluminum slurry measuring scale, and finally put into...
  • ALC Wallboard

    ALC Wallboard

    1. Lightweight: The weight of each cubic meter of ALC wall panel ≤ 425kg. The weight of the brick-concrete wall is 1/4, so that the cost of the project foundation has also decreased. 2. Thin wall: The performance of a 100mm thick brick wall is equivalent to a 240mm brick wall, which can expand the use area of the house by 10%-13%. 3. Various mechanical and physical indicators: compressive strength, bending load, impact resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, fire prevention, dry shri...
  • AAC Block

    AAC Block

    The production of aerated block concrete blocks can make large use of industrial wastes such as fly ash, tailings sands and desulfurized gypsum, which coincides with the development of circular economy strategy and is a new type of wall material encouraged by national policies. However, due to different local resource conditions, the raw materials and recipes are also different. In general, sand (or tailings) is often referred to as “aerated sand block”. Used as a building infill ...

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